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Tranzfers is going crazy with your favourite gadgets!

We are giving them out left, right and centre. Now you can get a FREE iPod Nano or Flip HD Camcorder, iPod Classic or Touch or Wii, iPad and MacAir simply by referring your friends to the same great money transfer service that you are using.

Here's how you go about it:

  • If you've already registered with us then you simply need to login to Tranzfers, select "Refer a Friend" and send the email to your friends.
  • If you haven't already registered, do it now, login, select "Refer a Friend" and then send the email to your friends.
  • Ensure that you have completed a deal with Tranzfers yourself.
  • Your referred friends will receive the email, register as a new user of Tranzfers and then be noted as one of your referred friends. Make sure they use the link in the email to register so we can link them to your account.
  • Once they have completed a money transfer with us, you will automatically receive one referral point (one point per friend, per first transfer).
  • Your referral points are added up and displayed when you're logged in so you can keep track on where you're at with your referrals.
  • From there it's simply a matter of clicking a link to claim your reward when you have gathered enough referral points for the item you would like.
    • 4 referral points for an iPod Nano or Flip HD Camcorder;
    • 6 referral points for an iPod Classic, Touch or Wii
    • 10 referral points for an iPad
    • 25 referral points for a MacAir
  • We then verify your address details and send you the item of your choice!

It's as simple as that! See the See our terms & conditions for more details.

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