Tranzfers 'Refer-a-Friend' Terms and Conditions


  1. is brought to you by NZForex Limited (CN: 2514293) ("Tranzfers").
  2. The referral promotion is a points base promotional program that allows current Tranzfers customers ("Referring Customer") to earn reward points (one point per friend, per first transfer) for each transaction completed by a friend that the Referring Customer has referred to Tranzfers as a customer through the Tranzfers website ("Referred Friend").
  3. Both the Referring Customer and the Referred Friend acknowledges that he or she has read, understood and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in this agreement and in the Terms of Use. Tranzfers reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time. The latest agreement will be posted on the Tranzfers website.
  4. Earning Points

  5. In order for the Referring Customer to begin earning reward points:
  6. The Referring Customer will receive one point per Referred Friend per first transfer. Once the Referring Customer has completed a money transfer with Tranzfers, the Referring Customer will automatically receive one referral point.
  7. The Referred Friend must make at least one valid transaction with Tranzfers for a point to be credited to the Referring Customer. This transaction must not be cancelled. Subsequent registrations and/or money transfers with Tranzfers by the Referred Friend do not qualify as valid referrals, nor do subsequent money transfers after the first valid deal.
  8. The Referred Friend cannot transfer money to the Referring Customer or to other customers referred to Tranzfers by the same Referring Customer.
  9. Points credited to the Referring Customer shall be added up and displayed on the welcome screen when the Referring Customer uses their personal log in.
  10. The referral promotion cannot be taken up by employees of Tranzfers, NZForex Limited, OzForex Pty Limited, any affiliated companies or their family members.
  11. Redeeming Points

  12. Points can be redeemed as follows:
  13. Cancellation of referrals

  14. Tranzfers reserves the right to void any referrals and remove points that have been credited to a Referring Customer for non-genuine or fraudulent transactions and referrals, as determined by Tranzfers in its absolute discretion.
  15. Should Tranzfers deem a transaction to be non-genuine or fraudulent, and that the main purpose of the transaction was to collect points and redeem a prize, the referrals will be void, the points removed, and/or one or both the Referred Friend and the Referring Customer might be removed from the rewards scheme together with all of their earned reward points.
  16. The Tranzfers referral promotion aims to reward people for telling their friends and family about Tranzfers and the service it provides. The referral promotion cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  17. Term

  18. All points earned under the Tranzfers referral promotion after 21 September 2010 will remain valid for a three year period taken from the date the Referred Friend completes a Valid Transaction for the first time.
  19. All points earned prior to 21 September 2010 shall have a one year grace period from expiry until 21 September 2011 taken from the date the Referred Friend completes a Valid Transaction the first time.
  20. Tranzfers does not guarantee delivery time of any rewards earned, nor does it guarantee receipt of any rewards or takes responsibility for any technical or other problems arising from the rewards.
  21. Privacy

  22. Tranzfers is responsible for all personal information you provide to it and will deal with that information in accordance with the Privacy Policy set out on the Tranzfers website.
  23. If you are registered with Tranzfers, we may from time to time send you information that is relevant to the provision of our services. If, at any time, you do not wish to receive that information, you may by sending us an email opt-out and request that you are not included in any future mail-outs.