Our happy customers continue to thank us for our cheaper and faster way to send money around the world. We trust you'll soon be thanking us too!

I would like to say a big thank you for the help and support I received and am impressed by the efficient way the transfer was completed. When I have used your services it has always been a pleasure. I like being able to talk to someone when I have questions as the interaction is more efficient. My questions were answered promptly and as a result I was able to do the electronic bits more speedily!

J Davis 

"All received with thanks. I have found you guys all to be extremely efficient and will definitely recommend you! - very refreshing to have such smooth service!!"

S. Kara  

"Thanks Tranzfers I''m very happy and impressed with the service from your company, and also specifically from Carly. Ill definitely be recommending you, even without the lure of an iPod."

P. Hiett 

"I just wanted to email to advise that Te’a has been particularly helpful, clear and efficient. She has responded to all my questions (and I have had numerous)in a timely and friendly manner. Thank you very much!"

L. McLelland  

Dear Tranzfers Support Team, Thank you very much for your email advising me that my funds had been received and converted into Australian dollars. May I say what a pleasure it has been dealing with Tranzfers,very efficient and friendly - will definitely not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs to send funds overseas. Many thanks.

Mrs M Mortimer  

"I just wanted to drop a quick email to thank you for your professional and easy to use service. I transfer money home from the UK almost every month to cover my commitments in Australia and I have never had a single problem in the last 12 months since I began using TRANZFERS. You have made staying on top of my finances so easy. I would recommend you to anyone."

Meg S.  

"Thank you! I am surprised at how quickly the funds arrived as I only transferred them yesterday! I had not even had time to send the confirmation email to "settlements".. Thanks again"

S Mackison  

" Frederick was one of the most helpful and professional people I have spoken with in a long time. His knowledge and professionalism really gave me confidence in your company once again. I had not done a transfer in a long time however I have always been satisfied with your company''s services. When I had to transfer a larger amount money this time around I was a bit concerned since some time passed since my last deal. Frederick was very kind and helpful enough to the point where I was comforted that I had on the other line a knowledgeable team of people that were willing to help. I would say that Frederick is a perfect representation of your company. I would like to extend a Kudos to him and the rest of your team. In fact, the very next day I spoke to some expatriates here in my office and recommended this service to them as well. I may not have done so if it wasn't for my conversation with Frederick the night before."

E. Man  

Excellent, thank you very much! I must say, I''m very impressed with your customer service! You guys have been great!


I am VERY happy with TRANZFERS service, I have used it frequently for fast-turnaround deposits to my daughter''s UK account - at a good exchange rate.....and never, ever experienced a problem. Well done, as a tightly-managed process, consistently well-executed. Thank you, Paul R.

Paul R.

"An easy, no hassle service which I have used on a number of occasions during the past 2 years. By far cheaper than banks and just as reliable, thank you for the simple and speedy process. 
I will definitely recommend this great service."

J Crabb  

"I was doing another transfer using your service last night, and I paused to consider how often I have used your service in the last 2 years. I make a transfer at least once a month, and have now sent almost ... through your system without any problem whatsoever. I just wanted to say thanks. Your service is excellent, simple and very quick. I would recommend it to anyone, unfortunately, not many of my friends have reason to send money between countries. Anyway, thanks once again for your continued excellence."

P. Thomas  

"I’m organising an overseas holiday and have had to transfer deposits for accommodation providers in several countries. Thank you for making this an easy and economical process. All the transfers I’ve done so far have arrived safely and speedily. I’ll definitely be recommending your service to my friends."

Ros W.  

"Thank you! I will tell my friends about this good service."

Murray C 

"Thank you. I am very impressed with your service and will be using you again."

Brian L. 

"Thanks for this. Very impressed by Tranzfers service"

K Morris 

"Thank you for your speedy service. I have used you once before and will certainly be using you again. MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

C. Allan  

"Pier you''re a legend! Thanks so much for the quick response over email. I leave tomorrow for Chile so I really needed to know where the money was. Again an excellent service from Tranzfers. Thanks!"

D. Henson  

"Hi, I have been using your service for over a year and it has been superb, great value and extremely user friendly! Thank you!!"

Gary M  

"Thanks for all your help. You guys are amazing!"

Rosie M  

"I have now done over 15 transfers using the TRANZFERS service and it is brilliant. The staff are always super helpful and I have never had a problem. Thanks Guys!" David

David Stevens 

"I have successfully transferred the money to Singapore at the rate I was hoping for, and it appeared in my account this morning - Well done! Many thanks for your excellent service. I''ll be using your company for future transfers."

D How  

"I wish I had known about your service before. I regularly send money to South Africa and have been using my bank and paying over the odds for a rotten service. Using TRANZFERS has saved me money, time and frustrations. Excellent service, many thanks."

D Wallace  

"I found the account easy to set up and simple and quick to operate. I have no problems recommending your services to any of my colleagues and friends. TRANZFERS has saved me a small fortune in charges and extremely competitive exchange rates compared to my bank''s charges & rates. I only wish I had found your web site sooner. "

N Harvey  

"When I was returning to Australia after spending two years in London, I had actually managed to save some Pounds that I wanted to bring back with me. I went to my bank to see about sending my money home but that was extremely frustrating. Not only did they want to charge me an arm and a leg in transfer fees but the rate they were offering was shocking. Luckily a friend told me about TRANZFERS. What a nice change it was to deal with a company that is efficient, quick and reliable and they don''t even charge a lot for the pleasure. Best of all was that I could deal with them all online. I managed to send my Pounds home and receive more money with less fuss. Big thanks TRANZFERS!"

L Waddington  

"I regularly transfer money from the UK to Australia. I have found the TRANZFERS service to be easy to use and reliable. The convenience of being able to perform the whole transaction from the comfort of my desk is a huge benefit. I have also found the exchange rates and fees charged to be very competitive. I will happily recommend the TRANZFERS service to others."

B Yardley  

"I discovered the TRANZFERS site by accident whilst browsing. It was one of the best pieces of browsing I have ever done. The site is a delight and the process is easy to use. The exchange rates, efficiency and effectiveness are of the highest order. Although the business is conducted on the web the personal service could not be bettered. I rarely make recommendations but I strongly recommend OzForex to anyone who needs to make a one-off or regular payments to another country"

Alan Walker  

"Before I was informed about TRANZFERS I used to send money to Australia via the bank. It cost me £20 every time, I had to go to the bank in person and the transfer took longer to reach Oz. TRANZFERS is convenient, fast and cheap. Recently I have had trouble logging in so I phoned your office. The gentlemen that took my call was so very helpful and set up my transfer manually. What more could you ask for!"

K Van de Water  

"I''ve been living in London for the last two years and for the first year I was transferring money back to NZ through my GBP bank. It was the most bothersome thing I had to do! Going to the bank, setting up the forms and dealing with tellers was incredibly tedious but the worse part was paying £20 each time! I discovered TRANZFERS by accident and after the first transfer I couldn''t be happier! I controlled the whole process by internet banking! What could be easier?! So yes, I''ll continue to use Tranzfers and have recommended every other Kiwi fellow traveller I know to use it too. Thanks for a great service and keep it up!"

Sarany, London  

"I regularly send money from Australia to New Zealand and I became frustrated at having to personally go into the bank, speak to a customer service representative, queue for a teller and pay $28 AUD for the privilege. I thought there had to be an easier way and TRANZFERS is it! TRANZFERS lets me set up my own overseas payments and it is all done conveniently over the internet any time I like. Plus, it only costs me $15 AUD. Everything is quick and simple; I set up the payment on the TRANZFERS website, transfer money from my account via internet banking to TRANZFERS, reply to a confirmation e-mail and it''s all done! I''ve recommended TRANZFERS to my friends and colleagues and my only regret is that I didn''t hear of TRANZFERS sooner."

D Clark  

"I am a New Zealander working in Australia and to keep things in order in NZ, I needed a way to send small regular amounts back home. TRANZFERS has provided me with an efficient, prompt and affordable service where nothing has been a problem. I was highly impressed by the customer service call I received shortly after registering on the site - most internet based services don''t have such a personal touch! In fact, nor do most financial service providers, no matter where they do business from. All my transactions have arrived in the designated bank account correctly and on time, so I have no complaints! This is really the best and most affordable way that I have found to transfer funds to NZ. "

T Schou  

"Unfortunately after three years I''ll be returning to Oz and I cant believe it took nearly two years of dealing with slow, expensive and inaccurate banks (many still mail foreign drafts through the mail if you can believe that!) before my girlfriend put me onto you. The TRANZFERS service is FANTASTIC. It is so much easier, quicker and cheaper than the banks - in fact its everything you promised it would be! Thanks for all your help."


"I started off using my bank''s international funds transfer facilities but found it difficult to believe that in this day and age I couldnt do it all over the internet. Instead I was forced to go down to a branch (usually in my lunch hour) and queue for an eternity before I could have the money sent back to Australia. I was put onto TRANZFERS by a friend and to my relief found that I could do everything without having to leave my office. Not only is TRANZFERS cheaper than my bank, the money arrives in my Australian bank account faster & the exchange rate is better than the rate I would get at my bank. Hats off to TRANZFERS for providing such an excellent service"

M Richardson  

"I would highly recommend TRANZFERS to anyone needing to send money abroad. I''m currently based in the UK but still need to send funds home to Australia on a regular basis. I have used TRANZFERS several times and without exception, the service has been fantastic. TRANZFERS is easy to use, very quick and cheap. I initially transferred funds using a UK bank that also has branches in Australia. This method was not only more expensive but also took almost twice as long! I have no hesitation in recommending this service - in fact, it''s one of the first pieces of advice I pass on to new arrivals I meet."

G Kuenzel