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GBP gains extended on reports of Irish agreement, NZD tumbles

30/11/2017 | OzForex

After Turnaround Tuesday and Wonderful Wednesday for the British Pound, Thursday is shaping up for more positive alliteration as the GBP again opens higher against every major currency
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GBP surges on EU Divorce Deal: USD lifted by fresh stock market highs

29/11/2017 | OzForex

The pound had a quite remarkable Tuesday, falling sharply against every major currency for 18 hours then regaining all its losses and more in the space of just 20-30 minutes on headlines that “Britain and EU Agree Divorce Bill”.
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GBP weighed down by fresh Brexit row

28/11/2017 | OzForex

In a generally quiet Asian session, the GBP traded pretty much sideways against most currencies, falling a little against the AUD and a bit more against the NZD.
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GBP slips as Irish Question dominates Brexit talks

27/11/2017 | OzForex

England’s cricketers didn’t last until lunch on the fifth day of the first Ashes test and the GBP has followed their downward trajectory: its’ positive momentum of last Thursday now fading under the relentless pressure of the Brexit timetable.
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GBP losing support after further examination of Budget

24/11/2017 | OzForex

A sequence of 1.4, 1.3, 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6 would be a pretty dire set of marks in ice-skating or gymnastics. As a set of GDP forecasts, it is equally grim.
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USD dumps after Fed Minutes; can GBP hold its gains?

23/11/2017 | OzForex

The pound had a pretty mixed day on Wednesday – up against the USD and AUD but down slightly against the EUR, CAD and NZD – after UK Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his annual Budget speech to the House of Commons.
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GBP steady ahead of UK Budget, CAD jumps with oil prices

22/11/2017 | OzForex

The big event for Wednesday is obviously the UK Budget, delivered by Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond.
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EUR falls after failure of German Coalition talks

20/11/2017 | OzForex

The British Pound opens a after a good week which saw GBP/USD begin at 1.3130, move up to a high of 1.3250 on Friday, and then end at 1.3220.
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GBP ends the week on a high note; AUD and NZD slump

17/11/2017 | OzForex

The British Pound couldn’t quite get to 1.32 in the Northern Hemisphere yesterday but when it did finally reach this level in Sydney overnight, it pretty quickly added another 40 pips or so to be the strongest currency in the Asia session.
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GBP flat ahead of retail sales data

16/11/2017 | OzForex

It has been a much calmer session overnight for the British Pound, which traded in an exceptionally tight range between USD1.3168 and 1.3180 for just over 12 hours.
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